Is Huawei P Smart 2019 Worth Buying?

Is Huawei better than Apple?

Huawei stands apart from most Android manufacturers as it relies on its own processors.

Apple’s chip is one of the most powerful on the market, and Huawei has yet to produce anything on its level.

You’ll get a solid day out of the iPhone’s 3,174mAh battery, but it’s dwarfed in size by the P30 Pro’s 4,200mAh battery..

Is the Huawei P Smart 2019 any good?

Verdict. Ultimately, the Huawei P Smart 2019 is a very good budget phone. It’s one of the best handsets that you can get for under £200 but it’s entirely too similar to the Honor 10 Lite, which is both marginally cheaper and marginally better. As such, it’s very difficult to recommend this phone, or to score it.

Is Huawei P Smart 2020 a good phone?

Huawei P Smart review in brief This phone offers some cutting edge features like a dual rear camera and 18:9 display, yet on a handset that doesn’t destroy your budget. The Huawei P Smart display is not only 18:9 but also high-res at 1080 x 2160 and, thanks to a minimal bezel ,it looks premium as well.

How good is the Huawei p30 Lite?

The Huawei P30 Lite (New Edition) is a good smartphone for its price. The included NFC, USB-C, Dual SIM, and microSD support, a triple camera and a 3,340 mAh battery can easily meet the needs of less demanding users who are looking for a versatile smartphone for less than 300 bucks.

Is the Huawei P Smart 2019 waterproof?

#2: Is the Huawei P Smart 2019 Water Resistant? Unfortunately, the Huawei P Smart 2019 does not come fitted with an official IP rating and so we’d advise extra caution when handling it around water and dirt.

Is it safe to buy Huawei phones now?

The short answer is yes. Huawei phones are feature amazing designs, powerful performance and best-in-class cameras. However, while Huawei phones in Canada essentially remain unaffected by the US trade ban, you may want to stay updated on efforts to further restrict the company in the future.

Does the Huawei P Smart 2019 have WIFI calling?

Turn Wi-Fi calling on your Huawei P smart Android 8.0 on or off. When Wi-Fi calling is turned on, you can make and answer calls using a Wi-Fi network when you’re in an area with little or no network coverage. … Press Wi-Fi calling.

Are Huawei phones better than Samsung?

When it comes to pure hardware and performance each phone has its plusses here. Samsung has the sharper display, and bigger battery, but Huawei has much faster charging and more impressive camera capabilities. Samsung has the higher resolution screen, and it also has arguably the ultimate trump card: proper Android.

Can you get Google on Huawei P Smart 2019?

Huawei has announced that the P Smart 2019 will get Android 10, too. … However, existing phones, including the P Smart 2019, still have their licence so will continue to have Google Play access even after an operating system upgrade.

What is the best Huawei phone right now?

Best Huawei phonesHuawei P30 Pro. The P30 Pro is the best Huawei phone you can buy right now. … Huawei Mate 20 Pro. An outstanding all-round handset. … Huawei P30. Another top Huawei phone. … Huawei P40 Pro. The P40 Pro has superb cameras, but it’s hampered by its software. … Huawei P40. … Huawei Mate 30 Pro. … Huawei P40 Pro Plus.

What does P stand for in Huawei?

In contrast, the P series is the abbreviation of platinum “Platinum,” which is mainly positioned as a high-end mobile phone or sub-flagship smartphone. As for the Huawei Mate series, the name of the Mate series has a lot to do with its original meaning.

Do Huawei phones have Google?

The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro, Mate 30 series, Mate Xs and Honor 30 series don’t have any Google apps. They rely on Huawei apps and the App Gallery download store, which doesn’t have a huge number of apps at present.

Does Huawei P Smart 2019 have Gorilla Glass?

Specially Designed For Huawei P Smart 2019 (6.21 Inch). Strong and anti-scrape, strength is common glass 9 times, super wear-resistant, prevent bubbles, antibacterial, anti-glare, radiation protection. … They are not sharp, making it safer than other glass.