Quick Answer: Do I Own My BT YouView Box?

What does a BT YouView box do?

What is YouView.

It’s essentially a set top box you for your TV that combines two over 70 channels of basic digital TV, and catch up and on demand services via a broadband connection.

You can pause and rewind live TV, and if you buy a YouView+ box you can record programmes as well..

Can I record on a BT TV box?

To record the programme you’re currently watching, press the record [R] button on your remote control. You can also set a recording now, or in the future, within the TV guide. … You can also record remotely by downloading our BT TV App and pairing it with your TV box.

What channels do you get on a BT YouView box?

What channels can I get? A basic YouView box gets you over 70 digital TV channels, including: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and lots of entertainment, news, and radio channels. You can add on tons more with BT TV or TalkTalk TV too – such as Sky 1, Nat Geo, Comedy Central, and Disney Channel.

Can I control my YouView box with my phone?

Now pick up the remote for your YouView set-top box and press the YouView button. Choose Settings – Device Management – Mobile Devices. … Enter this code into the YouView app on your phone or tablet.

What happens to my YouView box when I leave BT?

says Bt will send you a returns bag if you were a BT Tv customer and you inform them you are leaving.. That is BT adhereing to their responsibilities under the Electrical waste regulations. In your case as you intend to continue to use the Youview box you would not wish to send the box back for recycling.

Can I sell my BT YouView box?

You do not have a right to sell something you are not entitled to, and yes, any box connected to the system is registered and traceable.

Does BT TV box have WiFi?

YouView boxes aren’t Wi-Fi enabled. They need a wired Ethernet connection to connect the internet, so that we can give you the best quality experience. We recommend using powerline adapters if your router is too far from your box. … Alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to your box.

Will BT replace a faulty YouView box?

Re: I think my BT TV YouView box has died If you have a current BT TV contract then if the supplied box is faulty and requires replacement then it should be replaced.

Is YouView better than Freeview?

Freeview Play is the standard for connected TVs, and YouView isn’t going to challenge it. However, YouView has the lead in the ISP TV set-top boxes, and is being aggressively developed by BT. Freeview Play, then, is our TV platform to watch. But YouView comes a close second.

How do I reset my YouView box without losing recordings?

The + and – buttons on the front panel will navigate the menu. Keep pressing the – button until 2 “factory reset keep recordings” option is highlighted. If you go past the option, simply press the + button to navigate back to the option. Press the power button on the YouView Box front panel to select the option.

Does BT ask YouView box back?

“Hello, BT here. A reminder to send your TV box back to us. You can send it using the pre-paid returns bag we sent you. If you’ve got a Hub you’re not using, you can send that in the same bag.

Can you use BT YouView box without subscription?

However, in a surprise twist, the TV platform developer has today confirmed that BT will be “opening up” the remote record functionality within their own app for all YouView users to use (no subscription required).

Who makes the BT YouView box?

BT YouView+ box (Humax DTR-T2100) full review BT’s YouView+ box is made by Humax, well-known for its Freeview and Freesat set-top boxes. It has the easy-to-use YouView interface, but in a much smaller, faster, quieter package than its predecessor.