Quick Answer: Why Are Female Commanders Called Sir?

Do you call a Colonel Sir?

Anyone with the pay grade of O1 or higher is called sir by enlisted ranks.

Captains call Majors sir, and Majors call Lieutenant Colonels sir.

Lieutenant Colonels do not call Colonels sir, but Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels call Generals either “sir” or “general” regardless of how they got their commission..

What do you call a female commander?

Definition of commandress. : a woman who is a commander.

Can you say yes sir to a girl?

2 Answers. Sir, although originally signifying knighthood, has evolved into a modern honorific which is simply used to address a man in a polite/respectful way. … Addressing a woman as sir is not really ever appropriate, because a knighted woman would have dame as her title and would be addressed as “Lady”.

Can females be called sir?

If not specifically using their rank or title, ‘sir’ is used in the United States Armed Forces to address a male, senior commissioned officer or civilian. … Male British police officers of the rank of Inspector or above are addressed as ‘Sir’ (women of inspecting rank are called Ma’am).

Why does Kirk call Saavik Mr?

Saavik is called “Mister” to catch our attention, to make us wonder why a Vulcan female trainee officer would be called “Mister”, is it something unique to her character, or is this was some new (or old) naval parlance being used. Sometimes directors do things to make us think.

Is it rude to say yes sir?

Be respectful yes, and use ‘yes, sir/maam’ but only very conciously and sparingly. Dont get into the habit of submitting authority. How rude or impolite (if any) is it if you address a cashier by anything other than “Sir” or “Ma’am (madam, etc.)?

Why do soldiers say sir yes sir?

Yes, you are programmed to show respect to anyone that out ranks you, it’s all about respect, it inbred, I still say it, Sometimes I even say “Roger” (it means I understand”. When I was in Marine Boot Camp 1969 we had too. Once out of boot camp a simple yes sir to ranks 3 or more above you would suffice.

Why are females called sir in Star Trek?

The Star Trek franchise reinforced this idea by the convention of awarding its female officers the honorific “sir”. … Likely, Kilgore is actually making reference to the use of “Mister Saavik” in the film, and perhaps equating it to “sir”.

Why do you call someone sir?

The word “sir,” which is a respectful term used to address a man, derives from the word “sire.” When written with a capital “S,” it is used as the distinctive title of a knight or baronet. The word “sire” is now considered archaic. But it was once used to refer to an authority or a person of general importance.

Is Sir gender neutral?

‘Sir’ sounds like ‘her’, making most uses (direct object, possessive, and reflexive) sound more natural. ‘Sir’, as a vocative, is used in Star Trek to be gender-neutral. ‘Sir’ is phonologically feminine (sounds like ‘her’) but semantically masculine (traditionally used only for men). ‘Sir’ has a polite connotation.

How do you address a female general?

It’s not ego nor snobbery. It’s etiquette and manners in a formal setting. If she were introduced as a civilian judge, you would address her as ‘judge’ or ‘your honor’ the first time and ‘Ma’am’ afterwards.