Which Telecom Company Has Highest Customers?

Who is better Airtel or Jio?

NEW DELHI: According to a study, in terms of service quality of mobile networks, Bharti Airtel has outperformed its rivals, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio, in four out of five metrics.

Jio was also behind top speeds of download for Airtel (7.4 Mbps) and upload speed of Vodafone Idea (3.7 Mbps)..

Which 4g SIM is best?

Reliance Jio has the best 4G coverage in India, but Airtel’s the fastestOperator4G availability (%)Jio98.8Airtel90.0Vodafone84.6Idea82.8Feb 11, 2019

Which Telecom is best?

The World’s Top 10 Telecommunications CompaniesAT&T.China Mobile.Verizon Communications.Vodafone.Nippon Telegraph & Tel.Softbank.Deutsche Telekom.Telefónica.More items…•

Is Jio faster than Airtel?

New Delhi: Bharti Airtel offers the best video experience among mobile operators, exhibiting fastest download speeds of 9.6 megabits per second across all telecom circles, while rival Reliance Jio has the highest 4G availability covering 97.8% of the country, a new report has said.

Who is the No 1 telecom company in world?

World’s largest telecom companies by total revenueRankCompanyTotal revenue (US$ billion)1AT&T$170.82Verizon Communications$131.83Nippon Telegraph & Tel$107.14Comcast$95.573 more rows

What is biggest network in the world?

The largest mobile network, globally, is China Mobile, which holds almost 700 million subscribers on its network.

Who is the No 1 telecom company in India?

1 telco by user base, revenue. NEW DELHI : Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd is now the number one telecom operator in India by both subscriber base as well as revenue market share, achieving the feat in just more than three years of starting operations.

Which phone network is best?

Best Mobile networksEE review: To infinity and 5G. … Tesco Mobile review: An own-brand bargain of a network. 7.50.BT Mobile Broadband.

Which Sim is most used in India?

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for India in 2020What Are The Top SIM Cards Offers for India?Best Mobile Networks in India.SimOptions – Prepaid SIM Cards for India.Vodafone – SIM Card Deals for India.Jio – Pay As You Go SIM Cards for India.Airtel – One of The Best Mobile Network Providers in India.

Which telecom company has highest customers in India?

Mobile operatorsRankOperatorSubscribers (millions)1Jio376.532Vodafone Idea329.003Airtel328.194BSNL122.69

Which Sim has highest users?

Jio pips Airtel to become No. 2 by user baseAs of May end, Reliance Jio had 322.98 million users, against Bharti Airtel’s 320.38 million users.Vodafone Idea continues in the top position with 387.55 million users.

Why Jio is cheaper than Airtel?

— 2GB data per day plan: Jio offers 2GB data per day for 28 days at Rs 249 whereas the Airtel offers the same at Rs 298 and Vodafone Idea at Rs 299. Jio again is cheaper than the other two operators. … Jio is the only operator out of the three that offers a plan with a 2-month long validity.

Which Sim is best for internet?

The 8 Best Mobile SIM Networks In India 2020Airtel. Airtel s the largest mobile network provider in the country, having over 300 million subscribers. … Vodafone. Vodafone is the network provider that I currently use. … Idea Cellular. … Jio. … BSNL. … Reliance Communications. … Tata DoCoMo. … MTNL.

Which is the largest mobile operator in world?

Reliance Jio becomes world’s largest telecom operator with 340 million subscribers – The Hindu BusinessLine.

Which telecom company has highest customers in world?

AT&T and Verizon are the largest telecommunications companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list, an annual ranking of the world’s largest public companies, for another year despite major changes across the sector.

Is Vodafone better than Airtel?

Vodafone keeps a grip on Upload Speed Experience Both clocked speeds that were more than 23% faster than Airtel, 42% faster than Jio, and more than four times faster than BSNL.

Which is the strongest network in India?

NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel was the most consistent data network in six of the 10 most populous cities, including Mumbai and New Delhi, while Reliance Jio was the best network with the highest quality consistently in Kolkata and Jaipur, according to Tutela’s latest State of Mobile Networks Report for India.